My Career

My professional life has always involved computers of one flavor or another. It seems that my brain and temperament are naturally suited to the computing world. I started off designing electronic and microprocessor hardware and evolved into the firmware and then software worlds. My latest efforts and interests revolve around web centric projects.

Work History

Powercall Technologies Ltd., Nov 1997 through present. 

As a Senior Software Engineer my responsibilities include the design and development of the Powercall Web presence and server side software components for Powercall’s Web presence, E-Commerce and Computer Telephony Integration products.  This includes both client side (JavaScript, DHTML) and server side (various languages) web technologies.  I coordinate the design of interprocess communications between the modules developed by various members of the development team.   I make extensive use of object oriented design principles in a multi-tier architecture and am especially familiar with the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) paradigm.  I am also familiar with Microsoft Exchange messaging programming using Microsoft’s Collaboration Data Objects (CDO).  I also use my many years of product development experience to help Powercall establish efficient development and deployment processes.  All development is performed on and targeted for Windows NT 4.

Long Weekend, Oct. 1993 through Oct. 1997.

I took a long weekend (four years) to explore the South Pacific on my yacht "Vela Dare".

Telecommunications Techniques Corporation, Jan. 1993 through Sep. 1993. 

Contract position.  I designed and developed telecom network signal processing software using DSP techniques running on the TMS320 processor.  Designed detailed test plans for a new product major release.  Worked with a team implementing my test plans.

DSC Communications, Oct. 1985 through Dec. 1992. 

DSC is a major supplier of long distance switching and cross connect products.  My responsibilities included object oriented system architecture design, design team leader, embedded software/hardware architecture design, system interface design, ASIC interface design, generation of design documentation, coding and testing.  I acted as liaison between hardware and software design groups, quality assurance, and manufacturing groups at design conception to optimize product design for overall performance, testability, and manufacturability.  I coordinated the efforts of the design, testing, documentation and technical writing teams for smooth product release.  My software designs include real time multitasking control functions, direct control of the hardware at the telecom network interface, telecom network performance monitoring, and sync and async serial communications protocols.  I spent eight months on a special assignment in Silicon Valley as technical team leader to salvage a project that was in trouble.  I designed and developed real time control software for an FDL subsystem and for DS3 network interfaces for DSC's DS0 and DS1 electronic cross connect products.  I designed the subsystem interface for a SONET STS1 subsystem.  I designed the software for a DS1 interface.  I designed and developed both the hardware and software for a telecom network clock controller/tester for DSC's STP.  I designed the hardware for the matrix cards for a Class-5 product.

DOCUTEL/OLIVETTI, Feb. 1980 through Oct. 1985. 

Responsibilities included product and project management from conception through manufacturing startup of microprocessor based controllers of embedded systems in automated teller machines.  I was responsible for coordinating design, drafting, documentation, lab technician and manufacturing startup personnel.  I led an extensive performance evaluation effort comparing our cash dispenser against all the competition.  I designed and developed both the hardware and software for two high performance cash dispensing systems, two depository transports with integral printers and an experimental carbon jet array printer.  These designs included A/D converters, AC and DC motor control circuits, optoelectronic sensors and transducers and electromagnetic solenoid control.  The software designs included real time multitasking control functions and asynchronous serial communications protocols.  Traveled throughout the U.S., Japan and Italy as a technical representative of Docutel.

Honeywell, Jun. 1978 through Feb. 1980. 

As a Field Systems Specialist I was responsible for the applications engineering, installation and servicing of microprocessor based environmental control, fire alarm and security systems for large commercial buildings.  This position involved close customer interfacing and training.

Summary of Skills

           Project Management
                  Software development team leader ( 1 to 4 persons )
                  Schedule Design, coding, testing, release
                  Evaluate and acquire development tools
                  Schedule and appropriate development laboratory resources
                  Ensure thorough product documentation and
                  Ensure standards conformance
                  Coordinate with design, marketing and manufacturing
           Systems Analyst
                  System design
                  System and subsystem requirements specification
                  Subsystem architecture design
                  Subsystem interface design
                  Create product functional specifications
                  Microprocessor capacity feasibility studies
                  ASIC interface design
                  Evaluate OEM subsystems vs. in house equivalents
           Software Design and Development
                  ASP/ECMAScript/DHTML based Web design
                  Automated E-Commerce solutions
                  Microsoft Exchange Server Messaging
                  Microsoft COM technology
                  Real time embedded control
                  Telecom network signal processing and performance monitoring
                  Automated Teller Machine subsystem control
                  Object Oriented Design using ObjectMaker
                  Real time multitasking proprietary kernels and pSOS
                  Synchronous and asynchronous communications protocols
                  UNIX type tools to run under MS-DOS
           Hardware Design and Development
                  Microprocessor based real time controllers
                  AC and DC motor control
                  A/D D/A converters
          Software Languages:
                  ASP, Visual Basic 6, ECMA(Java)Script, J++, VBScript, HTML,
                        DHTML, Java, Visual C++ 6, C, Assembly, Smalltalk, BASIC
                  Microsoft Visual Interdev/FrontPage
                  Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0
                  Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
                  Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
                  Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
                  Microsoft VISIO
                  Macromedia Dreamweaver
                  Adobe PhotoShop, Acrobat
                  Microsoft PhotoDraw
                  Source Control:  Visual Source Safe, SCC
                  Tracking:  Anomaly Tracking System; Problem Tracker
                  Numerous word processors including MS Word, WordPerfect,
                              Interleaf, PageMaker
                  Spread sheets:  MS Excel, Lotus 123
                  Databases:  SQLServer, Access
                  Scheduling:  Timeline
                  Numerous in circuit emulators, communications link monitors,
                        debuggers, simulators, logic analyzers
          Development Platforms:
                  UNIX:  SUN SPARC-2; HP9000; PDP-11
                  VMS:  DEC VAX
                  WINDOWS NT4, 95 & MSDOS:  IBM PC
            68302, 68000, TMS320, 6301, H8, 68HC11, Z8000, Z80, 6800


BSEET, BSMET 1978, Central Missouri State University
Warrensburg, Missouri, USA.


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