28 December 2001

Off to Tahora

Off to the Tahora music festival, a week in the wopwops where there is nothing to do for a week but make music with like minded souls.

25 December 2001

Attended a lovely Christmas evening dinner hosted by Peter and Di Madil.

23 December 2001

Sir Peter Blake Memorial

We attended the Sir Peter Blake memorial service in the morning then watched the floatilla from the top of Mt. Victoria in Devonport.

7 December 2001

Sir Peter Blake Killed

Not only was I struck with a personal sense of loss when I got the news of Sir Peter Blake's death, it also put my professional life in crisis mode since I am responsible for www.blakexpeditions.com. The site has required a lot of customization and monitoring since then and has pretty much consumed my life up until Christmas.

26 November 2001

I Start a New Job

My first day working for Greenwood Technology. I'm looking after and growing the Microsoft side of the business in the Web Services division.

24 November 2001

Thanksgiving in Devonport

Trude and I hosted a Thanksgiving celebration at our house. We invited the expat Americans we knew and stuffed ourselves with a traditional turkey feast. Larry and Karen Stewart from the V40 yacht "Mischief" stayed at our house since the Wednesday before and were great company and a great help in preparing for the party.

16 November 2001

Concert in Whangarei

My time between job interviews of the past week was taken up with rehearsing for a concert at the Whangarei Folk Club. Read the full story here.

31 October 2001

No Job, No Money

To make a long and stressful story short, after two months of working for WeCU without being paid a cent, WeCU decided to officially close shop. The entire team was disbanded with nothing to show for over two months of our time and energy.

20 October 2001

Attended the Wellington Folk Festival. Read more about it here.

6 October 2001

Spent a lovely evening at Sue Hill's place celebrating her birthday with good friends, good wine, good food and good music. Life is good.

12 September 2001 (11 September in the USA)

I heard the news while walking to the office at 7:00. We all spent the day on the web keeping up with events. I was holding up reasonably well until I got home and saw the images on the TV news, at which point I broke down and cried. The world had changed for the worse.

3 September 2001

Wayne Roberts Memorial Service

Attended the memorial service for Wayne Roberts. It was an emotional afternoon for those of us who loved him. The service was held in his boat building shed set amongst the bush in Parekura Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. To me, Wayne always embodied the best of what it means to be a Kiwi. His insistance that all undertakings must have passion, grace and romance at the core continues to be an inspiration for me.
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