29 August 2001

My first day at the new job working for WeCU. I am the technical lead for a software development team building a J2EE based wireless communications system.

27 August 2001

Hosted Jane Blacker and Deb Gillanders for tea before heading to the Bunker to see the Blue Bottom Stompers concert.

18 August 2001

Attended the Wordsmith workshop held by Hinemoana Baker at the Temple Bar.

17 August 2001

After another busy week of interviews, I walked out the door of Brocker Technologies for the last time having worked through my one months notice. I am now officially unemployed.

13 August 2001

After being bedridden with the flu for a few days, I performed a concert at The Bunker. Find out more here.

10 August 2001

After a busy week of interviewing for jobs, we hosted a rehearsal party at my house. This is mostly for fun and to have one last run through before my Bunker concert on Monday.

4 August 2001

Played mandolin for Martha Louise at her East Coast Bays Folk Club concert.
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