Micheal and Trude Move Ashore


After seven years of living on my yacht "Vela Dare" we have decided to buy a piece of New Zealand and move ashore. Several factors influenced this decision: Vela Dare was spacious enough while we were cruising but was getting a bit cramped while both of us are working in the corporate world (ask Trude about her shoe collection or me about my musical toys); we would like to settle into retirement in New Zealand in the future; it seemed like a very good time to buy real estate in New Zealand.


We are both working in the Auckland area and it is the closest place to the equator in New Zealand for our line of work and we intend to keep working. Auckland has many varied communities but the only one that appeals to us to live in is Devonport. Devonport is at the end of a peninsula across the Waitemata Harbor from Auckland City. Devonport is nearly surrounded by ocean and offers several nice beaches. It is a bit of a drive to the heart of Auckland city but because there is excellent ferry service we seldom have to drive. The biggest problem with Devonport is that everyone else wants to live there too so the prices are some of the highest in New Zealand. We were lucky to find a modest home that we could afford. We live in the center square of this map (you'll have to use the browser scroll bars to center the map), just north of Alison Park (which is really a golf course).


We moved into the house 19 January 2001. The first thing Trude did was take a long hot bath followed by a hot shower. Anyone who has lived on a boat will understand this.


I'll let the photo's do the talking. This is an assortment of the currently available photo's. I'll put together a more organized tour as time permits. Click on any image to see a larger version.

The main entrance.
The upper north deck.
Lake LaVerne on the south patio.
The corner office.
The lower north deck.
The back yard and east deck.
On the east deck.



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