23 July 2001

Went to see Ben Fulton perform at The Bunker.

21 July 2001

We hosted a party at our house for Wayne and Olivia, previous work colleagues of Trude's, to say goodbye before they take off for an OE to the UK.

20 July 2001

Nigel Champion is half way to 100

And to celebrate the event he hosted an evening of music making, food and friends at his Devonport villa. None of the photos I took on the evening turned out and I won't bore you with a thousand words. Suffice to say that a very good time was had by all.

18 July 2001

Saw another Auckland Film Festival movie, Vengo, with Trude. It's not a great movie but it serves as a context for great Flemenco.

16 July 2001

My Job is Ending

My employer of the past three and a half years, Brocker Technologies, has decided to get out of the software development business and consequently mine and many other jobs are being eliminated. Today I was given one months notice. Let the new job search begin!

15 July 2001

Saw my first Auckland Film Festival movie of the season, " Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner" with Trude, Jeorn and Liane. It was great to have Jeorn there to discuss his native Inuit culture as depicted in the movie.

14 July 2001

Tattie Jock in Titirangi

Martha Louise came over for an afternoon of music and tea before we all headed to the Titirangi Folk Music Club to see Tattie Jock.

13 July 2001

Matt Soundford and Belinda came over for an evening of music making and socializing and rehearsing for my 13 August Bunker concert.

9 July 2001

Blues at The Bunker

Check it out here.

7 July 2001

Ruth Has a Birthday

Ruth Sommerford celebrated the completion of a half century of life on the planet with friends, food and music at The Bunker. Trude and Sue Hill and I spent the afternoon decorating.
(Click photo for larger image)

4 July 2001

Independence Day Celebration

Read about it and see the photos here.

2 July 2001

Club Night at The Bunker

None of several performance options that I had worked out, so I snuggled up to the Bunker fireplace, relaxed with a Speights Old Dark and enjoyed everyone elses music.

1 July 2001

Jane Blackler

My dear friend Jane Blackler started the school holidays by coming up to Devonport for the weekend. Jane and Trude and I spent Saturday evening wining and dining and laughing and making lots of good music into the wee hours. On Sunday, after a leisurely frosty and sun drenched morning, we all took advantage of the crystal clear weather by ascending the Sky Tower for the first time. It was a great way to cap off one month and kick off another.
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