25 June 2001

Club Night at The Bunker

I performed a couple of tunes and enjoyed everyone else's while parked next to the Bunker fireplace.

24 June 2001

Slow Food in Auckland

Trude and I attended a gathering of the Auckland chapter of SlowFood. It's about taking the time to prepare and enjoy sharing good food, good wine, good company and good music. Richard and Jeorn and I provided a bit of impromptu music after a delicious sampling of SlowFood.

23 June 2001

Solstice Party at Martha's

A few Auckland area muso's converged at Martha Louise's place to celebrate the passing of the solstice and the beginning of lengthening days. Summer is just around the corner! It was good company and good music all around and into the wee hours. I was having such a good time that I forgot to take photos. It was a scary drive home through dense fog.

21 June 2001

Winter Arrives

How do I know? Besides the calendar, my ginko tree told me.

18 June 2001

Diane Ponzio Rules The Bunker

I would normally reserve this for the Music/Lately page but I enjoyed the Diane Ponzio concert so much that I feel compelled to put a link here.

17 June 2001

Sue and Brian

We hosted Brian and Sue Hufton at our house for lunch. Brian and Sue are our longest standing Kiwi friends. They are the ones who showed us the beauties of sailing the Hauraki Gulf and taught us how to harvest and enjoy the bounty of the New Zealand sea. We have shared many good times over the past seven years. Once I get the Cruising pages of this site done you can read all about them.

14 June 2001

Zack & Co.

Trude and I enjoyed a nice dinner and evening at Devonport's Monsoon with Trude's cousin Zack and his wife Nicole and Nicole's mum Linda.

11 June 2001

Jared White at The Bunker

Got a seat just the right distance from the Bunker fireplace for the Jared White concert.

9 June 2001

Titirangi Folk Club

I performed a couple of songs before enjoying Late Harvest at the Titirangi Folk club.

8 June 2001

Dave Warren and His Toys

Dave Warren came over and we spent an evening playing music on the superbly crafted guitars, banjo and mandolin that Dave's father Tom Warren has made.

6 June 2001

Trude's Back From Texas

After enjoying family and friends and the hot Texas sun, Trude arrived at 5:00AM this morning to a cold NZ winter day.

3 June 2001

Winter Warmup Gathering

A magic and intimate festival that left me feeling glad to be alive in a universe that is smiling.

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