Life in New Zealand 

How it started...

I first came to New Zealand from Texas in November 1993. My plan was to sail around the world in five to eight years but Trude and I fell in love with the South Pacific and haven't been able to convince ourselves to leave. After enjoying a few years of endless summer by migrating between New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands on my yacht "Vela Dare", we decided to establish official residency in New Zealand. Being official residents would allow us to live and work here indefinitely without the hassle of renewing permits from the Immigration Service. It is also a stepping stone to becomming a New Zealand citizen. I became a New Zealand citizen in June 2000 and Trude will be eligible in late 2001.

Why New Zealand?

Ask anyone who has ever been here. The natural beauty is magnificent and varied, the climate is mild for both summer and winter, the natives are friendly, the fauna don't bite, there is a rich connection with the sea, the fishing is great, the society values doing things over having things, there is a strong maritime heritage, modern services are readily available, the vegetables have flavor, the tree ferns flourish, the population density is low, folk music is alive and well, good wine is affordable, and it just feels good to be here.


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My Neighborhood (Narrow Neck)
My Village (Devonport)
My City (Auckland)

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