28 December 2001


Middle Earth magic begins as I leave Devonport and head for the east Taranaki hills. Check it out here.

19 November 2001

Chris Priestly at Titirangi

Roger White
Chris Priestly gave us an evening of mellow magic with the help of Martha Louise, Sue Hill, Mark Laurent and Brenda Liddiard.

21 November 2001

Nigel Gavin at GANZ

Larry and Karen Stewart joined Trude and I for an evening at the Guitar Association of New Zealand, featuring Nigel Gavin in concert.

19 November 2001

Roger White at The Bunker

Roger White Roger White wowed us with a set of his finely crafted original musical creations. It was great to see a man who is passionate about his music deliver a passionate performance of that music. If you missed it, don't fret - Roger will be a featured guest at the 2002 Auckland Folk Festival. Make sure you catch his music there.

16 November 2001

Micheal Young and Sue Hill at Whangarei

Micheal and Sue I'm always plotting and scheming ways to get to hear more of Sue Hill's music. So, when I was invited to perform for the Whangarei Folk Club I asked Sue to join me since I had to drive right by her house to get to the gig. We put together a program of alternating solos sprinkled with a few duets and had a great time performing them for the welcoming Whangarai Folk Club. If you are interested in performing there then David Smith, the program coordinator, is eager to hear from you.

10 November 2001

Captain Morgan at Titirangi

Captain Morgan

John Heyday and Vaughn Morgan delivered another great night of high quality music.

2 November 2001

ECBFC Starts Anew

Ross Blakely has generously taken up the drivers seat for the East Coast Bays Folk Music Club, hosted at the Torbay Citizens Hall. After a first half of volunteer performers, the Captain Morgan Band took us through the rest of the evening.

27 October 2001

Jam Session at Martha's

Martha Louise hosted a small music and wine gathering at her lovely west coast home.

19-20 October 2001

Wellington Folk Festival

A good time was had by all. Check it out here.

15 October 2001

Sula at The Bunker

Sula Blend Scotish and Scandenavian music and what do you get? Sula, of course. Fusion of the folkiest kind.

13 October 2001

Jared White at Titirangi

He just keeps getting better and better. I regret not getting a photo of his rather unusual costume for the evenings performance. Take this previous review and photo and imagine it even better.

22 September 2001

Celtoi at The Pumphouse

Celtio Beverly Young and her band Celtoi delivered the celtic goods. Besides being good music anytime, their CD works very nicely for me as my morning alarm clock.

17 September 2001

Gyles Basket at The Bunker

Gyles and friends delivered a very enjoyable evening of contempory music with a bluegrass/country flavor.

12 September 2001

Antiterrorist Bluegrass Club

Although in shock from the events of the day, I decided to get on with normal life as a symbol of non-defeat by terrorists. I enjoyed the bluegrass club as best as I could.

1 September 2001

Jam Sessions

Spent the afternoon jamming with friends at Katy Horwood's place and the evening doing the same at Ann Porter's place. A happy fingers kind of day.

27 August 2001

Blue Bottom Stompers at The Bunker

Blue Bottom Stompers

The Bunker was jammed packed beyond capacity as the Blue Bottom Stompers delivered a great evening of jazz, as they always do. We all had sore calf muscles from the impossible to resist foot stomping music.

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