20 August 2001

Maritime Crew at The Bunker

Fresh back from a successful tour of Poland, where they attained star status, the Maritime Crew showed us all what Sea Shantys are all about.

18 August 2001

Hinemoana Wordsmith Workshop

Attended the Wordsmith workshop hosted at the Temple Bar and presented by Hinemoana Baker. It was very good for all of those of us lucky enough to have been there. If you are interested in being a better songwriter you will surely take something valuable away from this workshop.

13 August 2001

Me at The Bunker

After being bedridden for three days with a vicious flu, I nearly canceled but decided to go ahead and give it a go. I literally could not have done it without the help of my very accomplished collaborators Harmen Hielkema, Matt Sandford, Danny Morris, Katy Horwood, Martha Louise and Sue Hill. Special thanks to Trude for taking care of me and the chores while I was dealing with the flu. I'll leave any review of the night to those who were there. Some images of the night are here.

4 August 2001

Martha Louise Finishes Last ECBFC

Martha Louise was the guest performer at the last East Coast Bays Folk Club to be held at the home of the founders Judith and Brian Moore. Judith has been running the club for over nine years and is looking for someone else to take it forward. Martha delivered several fine solos before being joined by supporters Peter Madil (guitar, vocal), Sue Hill (whistle, concertina, vocal), Katy Horwood (vocal), me (mandolin). It was a night that none of us wanted to end. It was especially special to me since my life in the New Zealand music scene began seven years ago in that room.

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