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October 26-28, Fred's Place

Our very first Fredstock...oh boy! It was really good to get out of Auckland for Labour weekend. We'll skip the verbage and let the images tell the story.

Thank you Fred, for having us.

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We're here!
The welcome committee.
Music in the sun.
Music on the porch.
...more music on the porch.
Happy fingers.
Our castle.
The woolshed.
Fredstock chicks.
Fiona and the boyz...
...more music on the porch
...but wait, there's more!
The program said line dancing....
So, what do you think?
Let's take the scenic tour
the pond...
some trees...
View from the ladies loo.
From the inside, now...
Cup of tea? Yes, please!
Open for business.
No, I won't tell you what's in Peter's hand!
..almost caught napping!
Boudran lesson.
I like lunch served up this way!
...the woolshed window series
...who was that guy?
Girl in the door.
Girls in the swing.
A lazy/cryptic kind of afternoon
..and there was more music.
and more...
and some more.
...behind closed doors....