Attending music festivals is one of my cherished habits. After a festival I always feel more centered and glad to be a participant in a universe that is smiling. By sharing the memories here I hope to help us all keep those feelings kindled. Someday I may get around to documenting past festivals but for now I'm just trying to keep up with the ones I've attended since launching this site.

Waharau "Back to the Woods" August 2006

See the photos here.

Tahora Festival 2005 - 2006

Another great transition into a new year, Tahora style. See the photos here.

Tahora Festival 2003 - 2004

Another great transition into a new year, Tahora style. See the photos here.

Tahora Festival 2002 - 2003

Another great transition into a new year, Tahora style. See the photos here.

Fredstock - 2002

It was the first time for Trude to attend a Fredstock and we sure hope it won't be the last. So close to home and yet definitely "out of Auckland". It was a marvelous weekend of sharing with friends. Thank you Fred! See the photos here.

SpringFest - 2002

Another soul rejuvenating weekend at Waharau came about thanks to all of us who attended and made it what it was. Special thanks to Royal Deborah (see the photos) for taking the initiative and following through to make it happen and to all the volunteers (you know who you are!) who added some of themselves to the event. See the photos here.

Queens Birthday Weekend - 2002

Thanks to Rosie Holmes and a host of volunteers, a festival celebration of friends and music did happen. Read about it and see some photos here.

Easter Weekend at Te Aroha 2002

It was another wet Easter weekend but that didn't put a damper on the music. The venue has so many rooms that it really doesn't matter if it's raining or not. Thanks to the members of the Hamilton Acoustic Music Club for all your efforts in hosting this festival. It was a special treat for me to have Bill Passalacqua show up and get to know him better. I was totally slack (again!) in the photo department but fortunately, Mark and Jill have posted lots of nice photos from the weekend that you can see here.

Auckland Folk Festival 2002

It was great. The weather man was good to us for a change, the crowds were large, the talent in abundance. I had so much fun that I didn't have a second to spare for taking photos.

Tahora Festival 2001 - 2002

I got there a day late but still had five days so soak up the Omapu Station magic. Nothing to do but make friends and music and eat and drink and read and swim and pitch camp and break camp and yacht race and hike and sing and play and occasionally sleep. Check out the festival web site.

Wellington Festival 2001

It was three nights and two days of continuous picking and singing. I couldn't even tear myself away long enough to take some photos. The frequent drizzle was not a big issue as the beautiful bush venue has lots of sheltered areas for jamming. Many thanks to the committe for all their hard work in producing a very enjoyable festival. I went home with sore and very happy fingers. Check out the festival web site for photos of the performers.

Winter Warm Up 2001

A festival for lovers of lovers of music by lovers of music for lovers of music. It's a three day weekend where getting to know each other and sharing (cooking, eating, cleaning up, performing, listening, laughing, dancing, drinking, jamming, chatting, beach walking) are the real priorities. After last year's horrendous stormy weather, this year's sunshine and light winds were especially appreciated. The festival page has quite a few images on it and it will take a few minutes to download if you are using a modem.



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