23 June 2001

Solstice Party at Martha's

A few Auckland area muso's converged at Martha Louise's place to celebrate the passing of the solstice and the beginning of lengthening days. Summer is just around the corner! It was good company and good music all around and into the wee hours. I was having such a good time that I forgot to take photos. It was a scary drive home through dense fog.

18 June 2001

Diane Ponzio Rules The Bunker

Passion, power, talent, tenderness, humor, creativity, versatility, craftwomanship, love of life and willingness to share it are all in ample generous delightfully exuberant abundance when Diane Ponzio takes the stage. She delivers one of the most evocotive and enjoyable performances I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Honest. All these words are woefully inadequate to describe the Diane Ponzio experience. Check out her gig schedule at www.dianeponzio.com and do whatever it takes to see her perform. You will thank me forever for encouraging you to go. The Martin Guitar company picked a real winner when they chose Diane to represent them.

13 June 2001

Auckland Bluegrass Club

I enjoyed performing with Dave Warren and playing his Tom Warren mandolin. It was a cozy evening parked next to The Bunker fireplace.

11 June 2001

Jared White at the Bunker

Many of us North Islanders were quite disappointed that David Wilcox didn't do a concert up our way but now it doesn't matter because Jared graced us with several of Wilcox's creations, played with a craftmanship equal to the master himself. As a bonus he also flawlessly performed several Bruce Cockburn tunes (photo taken during "Pacing the Cage"). Throw in a mix of tunes from various other artists and a little white-boy-rap and you've got two sets of music to punch all the buttons from laughter to tears. For us guitar players it was a real treat to hear what are probably the finest fingerpicking arrangements being played in New Zealand. So if you wanted to book Wilcox but couldn't, you're in luck because Jared can fill those shoes and more.

9 June 2001

Late Harvest in Titirangi

The Titrangi Folk Club enjoyed the pleasure of Martha Louise, Sue Hill and Peter Madil as they made Late Harvest come alive. They were assisted by Emily Giles on cello and Brenda Liddiard on mandolin. It was one of those great sets that was over way before we were ready for it to be.

3 June 2001

Winter Warmup Gathering

A magic and intimate festival that left me feeling glad to be alive in a universe that is smiling.

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