27 December 2002


Another great transition into a new year, Tahora style. See the photos here.

26-28 October 2002


It was the first time for Trude to attend a Fredstock and we sure hope it won't be the last. So close to home and yet definitely "out of Auckland". It was a marvelous weekend of sharing with friends. Thank you Fred! See the photos here.

15 September 2002

Richard Gilewitz at The Bunker

Richard Gilewitz What an awesomely pleasant surprise! I haven't seen this level of expert musicianship in New Zealand since Tommy Emmanuel played at Sky City over a year ago. To be able to enjoy it in an intimate setting like The Bunker is one of those rare transcendant treats. I can't recommend Richard's show to you enough. If he is going to be anywhere near where you could possibly see him I guarantee you won't regret spending whatever effort it takes you to get there. Not only is his music extraordinary but his personable style and laid back sense of humor provide an intimate and personal context in which to appreciate it. Several of us didn't get our fill on Sunday and went to Richard's workshop at Tabac on Monday. It 'twas a guitar players dream. DON'T MISS this opportunity to see a world class musician in the intimate setting of your club. You can see Richard's tour schedule here. Find out more at www.richardgilewitz.com.

3 August 2002


Another soul rejuvenating weekend at Waharau came about thanks to all of us who attended and made it what it was. Special thanks to Royal Deborah (see the photos) for taking the initiative and following through to make it happen and to all the volunteers (you know who you are!) who added some of themselves to the event. See the photos here.

17 June 2002

Diane Ponzio at The Bunker

Diane Ponzio What I said almost exactly a year ago still applies in full measure. To sum it up: wow!!!! I took heaps of photos and had some problems with the flash. Interestingly, the ones that at first appeared totally black were most evocotive when recovered using extreme digital techniques. I have made a collage here. Have a listen to a five second audio sample.

31 May - 3 June 2002

Winter Shakup Festival at Waharau

It happened, it was marvelous. Read all about it and see the evidence here.

13 May 2002

Martin Curtis at The Bunker

Martin Curtis A good Kiwi bloke singing good Kiwi songs. And that's not all, he gave us lots of amusing stories and poems all the way from Tibet to the antics of South Island Keas. I got to try out the new digital camera that captures 5 seconds of audio along with the visual image. Have a listen.

11 May 2002

Brazen at Titirangi

Brazen Between Lou Hayes with her thousands of eggs, and Ang Kidd with her whisky and Taurus hair, was Jo Taylor to hold it all together and lead the way. Brazen they were, all while delivering an uncompromisingly high standard of quality Celtic music. These lovely lasses will go far and have a good time doing it.

5 May 2002

Barb Dwyer at The Bunker

Barb Dwyer This hurdy gurdy woman sent The Bunker into hurdy gurdy heaven. It's really great to see a musician who is passionate about their music deliver a passionate performance of that music. Her heart melting smile at the end of each song seemed familiar - finally I realized it is the same exultant smile that I used to love seeing when Eddy Van Halen played his guitar. I was fascinated by the rhythm aspects of her playing facilitated by the "dogs". When you go see her perform don't forget to ask for "the bluegrass song", number 2, and everything you always wanted to know about the hurdy gurdy. Barb is a lovely lady with a fine sense of humor, an accomplished musician and a joy to watch. It's not often that you'll get a chance to hear the hurdy gurdy played with such style and skill in New Zealand. Speaking of number 2, what are you dreaming about these days, Barb?

15 April 2002

The Old Reserve at The Bunker

The Old Reserve What can I say? You just had to be there and you sure missed out if you weren't. Greg makes a great straight man next to Roger's...well, I'm really not sure what Roger is but Greg is a great straight man next to it. You just had to be there.

7 April 2002

Kristina Olsen at The Bunker

Kristina Olsen While still flying high from the Keb Mo concert the night before we felt like seeing Kristina tonight would be like a bonus. I had forgotten how her performances can be so powerfully moving. By the end of the first set my face hurt from smiling and my eyes were red from crying. Next time I will remember to being the Kleenex. Her clever and hard driving guitar arrangements reinforce the emotional punch of her lyrics. Mr. MO didn't make me cry.

6 April (evening) 2002

Keb MO Concert

Attended the Keb MO concert with our friends Larry and Karon. Mr. MO has got the MoJo and he was showing it to us that night. Extremely tasty guitar arrangements, skillfully delivered, with lyrical content that leaves one feeling hopeful for a better world (you don't find that everyday in the blues genre), a hard driving right hand thumb that keeps the rhythm pumpin' and the feet thumpin'. Once again I had to marvel at how undemonstrative a New Zealand audience can be. I hope Mr. MO didn't think he was a flop.

6 April (afternoon) 2002

Mahinarangi Tocker Workshop

I spent a rainy afternoon enjoying Mahina's workshop on creativity and songwriting. Although many lessons were learned, the one that struck me the most is realizing how we are exercising creative energy almost constantly in our everyday lives. Somehow that seems to make songwriting seem a little less daunting. Still haven't cranked out a song though :-).

29 March - 1 April 2002

Easter Weekend Te Aroha Festival

Had a wet but nonetheless magical three days of sore but happy fingers, great music and mingled souls at the Te Aroha festival. Mark and Jill have posted lots of nice photos from the weekend here.

17 March 2002

Bill Passalacqua at The Bunker

Bill Passalacqua Bill gave us a night of North American style acoustic music with a heavy influence from the contemporary country and bluegrass scene. The majority of the songs are Bill's own creations. It felt great to hear some well crafted songs in the Texas tradition. I played backup mandolin for Bill at the Temple bar a couple of nights later. He stayed at our house one night and we enjoyed his company at the Te Arohoa festival. He kept us laughing through the rain with stories and songs from Texas.

11 March 2002

Reekie/Robertson at The Bunker

Reekie/Robertson David Reekie and Ann Robertson gave an evening full of very tastefully arranged music crossing several genres. David's clever and beautiful guitar arrangements make a perfect accompaniment to Ann's powerful singing. We'll miss them when they head back home to Scotland.

23 February 2002

100th Birthday Party

Tony and Jenny had this clever idea of having a party at their property to celebrate the day that their combined ages added up to 100. It was a nice relaxing weekend of music and friends.

16 February 2002

Rigel Mandolin

Rigel Mandolin While back in Texas for a short time I was fortunate to be able to acquire a Rigel mandolin. This is one of the finest instruments I have ever played and I am now keen to do a lot more mandolin work. Find out more here.

25-27 January 2002

Auckland Folk Festival

Had a great time at the Auckland Folk Festival. It was a great weekend of camping and continuous socializing and jamming. I was having so much fun being there that I couldn't make myself stop long enough to take any photos.

14 January 2002

Les Barker at The Bunker

Les Barker

There is no way to describe the Les Barker experience. You just had to be there. Suffice it to say that you should expect to find yourself racked with uncontrollable laughter for the duration. Your sides will hurt, your face will hurt and your bladder will strain from laughing so hard and long.

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