28 May 2001

Deb Does Devonport

Deb Gillanders treated us to an hour of her delightfully raucous charm and expertly crafted music. With strong support from Bilbo the Bass Man and cameo appearances from Harmen Hielkema and Mick Sibley (all supervised by The BADger (see upper left of photo)) there was plenty of talented variety. From a lesson in nautical code flags to coping with the numerous but amusing interjections from Roger Giles, Deb kept us laughing through the evening. As always, it was a treat to hear Deb's accomplished guitar work on her Louden guitars.

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19 May 2001

Atteneded the Bach Musica performance at St. Mathews in Auckland with Trude and Michael McKeown and Ardeth Lobet. After a steaming Japanese noodle-bar dinner on the waterfront we all ventured over to The Bunker for the Margarette Roadknight concert which was a very pleasurable way to finish off the weekend.

13 May 2001

Kath Tait at the Bunker

The return of Kath Tait to the Bunker was a delight for all of us who were lucky enough to be there. She gave us a suite of new songs as well as a few of the old favorites. Kath's delightfully witty and occasionally ascerbic sense of humor kept us smiling the entire evening.

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12 May 2001

Raglan Jam

There was a wee musical gathering hosted by Dennis at his marvelous mountain mansion overlooking the awesome Raglan surf. Sometime in the wee hours I had the bad idea of bringing out the camera. Fortunately for most, there was not enough light to get the camera to focus or maybe it was me that couldn't focus. Whatever, you can check out the surviving photo's here.

6 May 2001

Duchas Does Devonport

This dynamic duo stormed the Bunker on Sunday and gave us a delightful evening of traditional Irish music played with world class professionalism. June expertly coaxed her wooden flute to clearly articulate every note with warm tonal qualities. Michael's left hand provided a creatively syncopated accompaniment and driving bass line that made the traditional tunes come alive in a way I had never enjoyed before. If you get a chance to hear them as they tour NZ TAKE IT!!! Find more on Duchas here.

Duchas at the Bunker, 6 May 2001



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