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SpringFest Music Festival

August 2 - August 4, Waharau

It's taken me ages but better late than never. Here at last are the photos from the optimistically dubbed Springfest. I hope everyone had as wonderful of a weekend as I did. Special thanks to Royal Deborah (see the photos) for taking the initiative and following through to make it happen and to all the volunteers (you know who you are!) who added some of themselves to the event.

Click on any image to see a larger version. If anyone would like an original I will email it to you. They are about 250KB each.

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Blind date.
Blind date.
Blind date.
Blind date.
Blind date.
What a pair.
What I like to see.
Da boys.
"I love to cook!"
Blood relations
Defies description
Caption contest: Email me your idea for a caption. Mine is "It's spectacular, spectacular!!!"
I promise I'll never do it again.
Are we having fun yet?
Deja vu
What we came for...
...and more...
Best use of a kitchen at 2:00AM
Mischief makers
No dancing allowed
Centrifugal forces
No drinking allowed
Organ donors
Mr. Soundman
Say "cheese"
Artistic nail-ology
Oh, the concentration...