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Tahora Music Festival
2001 - 2002

December 27 - January 2, Omapu Station, Tahora

For me this festival has been a soul re-charging event. My entire being is smiling in the afterglow. Thanks to all who worked to orgainze and deliver this event and to all of those who shared of themselves. It just doesn't get any better than this.

My goal when taking these photographs was to capture enough of each moment to remind us of how it felt to be there. I made no special effort to include or exclude anyone. If you don't see yourself here I'm sorry, you just didn't happen to be around when the shutter clicked.

I would like to gather the contact details of all of you who were fortunate enough to enjoy this celebration of friends and music. Please send me an email with your contact information.

Click on any image to see a larger version. If anyone would like an original I will email it to you. They are about 250KB each.

If you're using a modem then this page could take a few minutes to download. Go grab a cuppa and it will be ready when you get back.

The mountain.
More lowlands.
Strict rules.
Bar talk.
Don't these people...
...have anything else to do...
...besides sit around and...
...play music all day?
You could do your nails...
...or have a nap...
...or queue up to eat...
...or cook...
...and eat...
...and eat...
...and eat...
...or enter the Omapu Cup Regatta...
...or curl up with a book.
Must be close to midnight
Warlocks on the loose
Don't forget to clean up
Room with a view for when you gotta go
Store's open

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