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Tahora Music Festival
2002 - 2003

December 27 - January 2, Omapu Station, Tahora

It was a great festival this year. The turnout was significantly less than in previous years, no one could figure out why. It made for a more intimate festival with a chance to get to know almost everyone. The weather was great with not a drop of rain for the entire week to test the new roof over the deck.

The photos from this year are a bit haphazard with no particular theme, it just depended on what was happening when the camera came out. Trude get the credit for most of these photos and I took a few as well.

I would like to gather the contact details of all of you who were fortunate enough to enjoy this celebration of friends and music. Please send me an email with your contact information.

Click on any image to see a larger version. If anyone would like an original I will email it to you. They are about 500KB each.

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This year's caption contest.

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What could I possibly do with all that peanut oil?.
Cook the bird, of course.
Blue jam.
Blue moon (not this time though).
Boy howdy.
Signs of the times
Preparations for the big night
What a privilage to hear this harp player
Tahora time
And now, a word from our sponsers...
No better way to wake up
...breaking wind
British invasion
Fanghorn saves Omapu
We're civilized as well
Fresh carving in a good year
Top of the hill gang
Gumboot Tango Links up
Good work Emily!
Can't let those nails get dirty!
One satisfied customer
Omapu welcomes you
False start
That's better
Magic mayhem
Dangerous delight (thanks Ra!)
Walkin' tall
Tailgait message:
My, what fine toes you have!
You may see me tonight, with an illegal smile...
Forging new friendships
Warren and his large band
Mandolin meltdown