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Tahora Music Festival
2005 - 2006

"30th Tahora"

December 27 - January 2, Omapu Station, Tahora

The Photos

We have an amazing collection of outstanding images this year thanks to the contributions of several generous photographers. I'll post them here in the order that I received them. Rather than waiting until I have them all done (it will take a while) I'll post them a bit at a time as progres is made so you don't have to wait too long to see something. There are way too many to post on one page so there is a page set up for each photographer.

Photos from Trevor King
Photos from John & Vanessa McLellan
Photos from Max Christensen (The Tahora 30)
Photos from Paul Restall
Photos from Gerard Hudson
Photos from Ruth Birnie
Photos from Micheal Young or Trude Mattingly
Photos from Murry and Julie Kilpatrick
Photos from Sarah Duckworth
Photos from Jenny
Photos from Carol Bean
Photos from other contributors

Photos from previous years:

Coming soon (hopefully): heaps more photos and an MP3 of Kerry's radio interview

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