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Winter Shakeup Music Festival

May 31 - June 3, Waharau

I would like to gather the contact details of all of you who were fortunate enough to enjoy this celebration of friends and music. Please send me an email with your contact information.

Here is a letter from Rosie, who took the initiative to make this event happen, followed by a collection of photos from Trude.

From Rosie:

I'm writing to say a big thank you to all you good people who turned up at Waharau on Queen's birthday weekend and made the festival such a success. I thoroughly enjoyed being the organizer as it put me in the privileged position of getting to know lots of new people and renew old friendships.
From my viewpoint the festival went like clockwork, the kitchen seemed to run very efficiently, I'm sure I missed a lot of the heroic actions of many of you who emptied bins, sorted rubbish, cooked (yeah Peter) washed up and generally kept the wheels oiled. Thank you.
The music was, as ever,wonderful; singers, musicians, grouplets! and Ann Porter with her instant choir (and dancing) great stuff. Then there was John McGowan doing rock'n roll in the ceilidh, brilliant! Lew Black was snapped by David waltzing with an 8 yr old... Priceless!. (see kiwifolk web page) Some brave attempts were made to persuade our Japanese student to dance but she (wisely?) declined. Jenny and Mike however, were very impressive on the dance floor! The Blind date was just amazing wasn't it? It must be the way to go. Thank you Dick Coker for the inspiration, and Kathy for the wonderful presentation, not to mention the whiskey!.
There were 19 children between 7 and 12 years, what a great natured bunch of kids to all get on so well together and have such fun. Zoe did a super job of the treasure hunt and then fabulous Francie whisked them off for almost an hour of stories whilst we hugged coffees and listened to the healing harp of Celia Briar in the warm autumnal sunshine.
Tardy captured special moments, I'm looking forward to seeing her pictures on the net. Good one Trude.
Thanks also to Brou ha ha for the loan of the sound gear and Fred for delivering it and Pete N for being the sound man on the invitation concert. Such a great line up of performers, what talent! Some talent was too shy to get up.
There are many more people I should thank, I know, the cleaning up happened without any fuss, you were wonderful. (Thank you Jill and crew) So if I haven't mentioned you personally please forgive me. I have written to quite a few so far but it may take a while to get round everyone. A special thanks too to the folk who came from the deep south. What a tremendous trek to undertake. I hope you weren't too tired when you eventually reached home.
Well done each and everyone.
However, I also wanted to write and say that I have emptied the Waharau piggy bank. I budgeted thinking to break even but Lo and behold, have found that there is money left over. I have decided to give this away to charities and will send off cheques to the value of $450 this week. The charities chosen are;
Autistic Society, Epileptic Society, Cancer Research, Women's refuge, SPCA, and Save the Wales.
The other good piece of news is that I have booked the venue for next year.( It was confirmed this evening,)and I would like to be the coordinator of this benefit festival again next year if that's OK ? I ask that because I feel it should be owned by all of us in a way. We all have a lot to share between us. Already I have had offers of a Thai cooking demo, Wow! story telling, a guided 3 hour ridge tramp! ( your kids in safe hands at the camp ) and hopefully more ideas to come. eg a shared curry night instead of shared meal.
I will write to Paula and hopefully they will get on board with us at Waharau. The more the merrier.
Some people have already asked me to book them in. I have made note, but there's no need for money yet! it's early days.

One last thing, Deborah has asked me to pass on the message that she would like a reunion at Waharau at the end of July (says she can't wait till next year!) It would be a mid winter event , Christmas tree and all.
This is her phone number and email: deborahr@xtra.co.nz. 09 832 1781 She would like a show of hands.

Love Rosie

ps Lew Black's whiskey and wine turned up. The Waharau fairy was there after all.

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You are here.
Welcome! From the welcome committee.
The nail salon is open.
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Future rapper (you had to be there).
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The turkey crew injecting the marinade
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Cat woman hosts the blind dates
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